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You will never find a ruby with a green secondary hue. Pink, a paler less saturated red is also possible.

“Crimson Hope” Pigeon's Blood Ruby No Heat 5.23 cts

Why purple, there are two good reasons; one historical and the other based upon color science. This historical explanation I owe to Vincent Pardieu. The Burmese coined the term. Purple is a hue that falls between blue and red on the color wheel. It is known scientifically as a modified spectral hue. The Burmese set gems in pure gold which is a a very rich yellow color. Blue is the compliment of red. Complimentary colors are those that cancel each other out.

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So when a purplish red ruby is set in yellow, the yellow of the metal cancels out the blue in the purple leaving behind, guess what an almost visually pure red. So the goal for the Burmese is red, pure red! I wrote my book several years before I met Vincent in Bangkok. However, I reached the same conclusion by applying a logical analysis. My reasoning goes something like this.

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This is not opinion, it is measurable scientific fact. Pink and orange on the other hand reach their optimum saturation at fairly light tones. Pink obviously as it is by definition paler less bright. Now, if you add a light pigment to a dark paint you would obviously lighten the overall effect. Same is true in transparent media. The optimum tones of red and purple mix fairly well both being both dark in tone. The purple unlike the pink does not dilute the red.

Pink and orange would lighten the red thus reducing the overall saturation of the pinkish-red or orangy-red color. Purple reinforces the red, orange and pink dilute. Make sense? Not everyone agrees. Some connoisseurs like a bit or orange. They feel it frames and pumps up the red hue. A good point if you consider the effect of orange in red spinel.

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Winza Tanzanian ruby had come and pretty much gone, Mong Hsu had stopped producing, but Mozambique had become a major new source. See All. Loose Gemstone Gem. Loose Gems.

Priceless "pigeon's blood" ruby to appear at Christie's auction

Loose Gemstone Ring Use. All Auction Buy It Now.

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Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Origin: Mozambique. Color: Red. Color Intensity: Excellent. Free shipping.

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Approx Weight : 8. Shape : Square Cut. Color : Red. We believe in solving the issues. Loose Gemstone. Shape: Oval Cut. Approx Weight : 7. Approx Weight : 9. Approx Weight : Loose Gemstone Ring Use Gem. Shape: Square Cushion Cut. Size: 13x18mm. Color:Pigeon blood red. Shape : Round Quantity Piece : 1. These gems have inclusions which are fairly easy to see under the close naked eye. SI 1 Good Quality. These gems have inclusions which are fairly easy to see to the close naked eye. Shape: OVAL. Color may not ppear as exactly in real life due to variation between computer monitors.

Internally flawless; free of inclusions Very, very slight inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification Slightly included; small inclusions seen by naked eye Included; inclusions seen with naked eye.

Shape : Round Quantity Piece : Pair. Color - Pigeon Blood ruby.

Wisdom from the Old Mine:

Weight Carats : 5. The real gemstone is of course much smaller. Total weight and Stone size may slightly vary from piece to piece. Many inclusions shown are not visible to the naked eyes. Sizes:: WxD 4. This is a truly top grade quality gemstone. Stone shows very beautiful saturated deep red Pigeon blood, excellent cutting, great clear crystal with a great light refraction. Huge Included gems with internal features that range from eye visible to very easily seen to the naked eye.

Natural Ruby. Vivid to deep Red.

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  5. Intense to Vivid Red Pigeon Blood. After color follows clarity similar to diamonds, a clear stone will command a premium, but a ruby without any needle-like retile inclusions may indicate that the stone has been treated. A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum aluminum oxide. Ruby Specs. Carat Weight Want to add A personal touch to this piece?.