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There are few meetings and appointments you will have to hold before you even submit your application form. Sometimes that sub-application could be with Overseas Governments if you had lived overseas , private companies and businesses. I believe that fee may be expensive to some. But after setting up a private security business myself, I realise it is time-consuming and requires a lot of information, documentation and understanding of the process. And if you are not tough enough it could be frustrating, due to so many bottlenecks, delays and sometimes outright silence from some of the department you will be dealing with.

In my case, because I choose to do it alone and I was a novice.


I started the process in January and finally got my private security business license in August. Getting the license is different from setting up a security business. Just the license alone. Setting up a security business and obtaining a private security license are two distinct processes. And it is time-consuming and challenging. But one thing I like to assure you is, you can do it, it is possible. All you need is lots of free time in your hands, lots of research, patience, dedication, passion and be willing to learn along the way. One of the purposes of writing this article is to help you with the basic information that you might need for a start.

At a point, I almost got denied the License due to naivety and a few mistakes I made in the process. The reason I want you to ask yourself a few hard questions is; any venture you start in life with genuine intent, passion and dedication, you are likely to last longer, succeed and stand in the face of adversity that may come your way. Many people start particular ventures because they are bored, or because someone is doing it, or maybe they believe money is in it. Sometimes even with such intent, they succeed. Why so?

Whatsoever is the reason for starting a private security business; I would like you to know something, put your heart and mind in it and go for it. You have to understand that the security industry is an already saturated industry, there are old players in the game who have cornered all the security jobs, contracts and they have created a brand name. Now, how do you create a niche for your business?

How do you compete against these established players? Security Industry is one Industry where you find so many people start a business, and they fold up as fast as Usain Bolt. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching, consulting with other specialist business consultants, and we have come to discover formulas on setting up a successful security business. After making this discovery, we were tempted to write a book about it, like our published security book Security Adventure Service.

But we felt that would not benefit as many people as it could. Take note we run a security guards hire and consulting business. So, the information we will be providing here today is to give you a headwind start, so you start better than we did and succeed even more!

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Company Name: First think of a company name you would like for your security business. You have to understand we are in a digital age, so you must come up with a creative name that will also serve as a keyword for your business. Most likely, your main clients will be the affluent and local celebrities. Purchase space in the country club's newsletter, for instance, or on high-end real estate websites. Hit other avenues, as well, such as your local newspaper and news stations. Of course, word-of-mouth is even better, so once you establish some clients, make sure to treat them to the best service.

Then they will recommend you to their friends and family. Advertise for short assignments, too. While affluent people and celebrities may want long-term body guards, some affluent people may just want body guards for short-term projects. If you can fill that niche, it can be a significant portion of your business.

Another person may just want a body guard when transporting a piece of expensive art to their home. Help your clients make the adjustment. Personal security is a big lifestyle change if the person has never had it before. Try to be as accommodating and unobtrusive as possible as your client makes the adjustment, and work to answer any questions they may have.

Try to incorporate them in small steps, not all at once, which can feel overwhelming. Be flexible in your approach.

How to Start a Successful Canadian Security Company

When you're entering someone's life, obstacles are going to come up. You and your guards will need to be able to adapt and change to what your client needs, especially since you are in their private life. That way, the kids won't know the difference, but your client still feels like they're safe and secure. Hire off-duty police officers. People who already have a background in security and safety professions, like police officers, make great employees for an event security business.

Plus, many police officers want to work a second job to make ends meet. Make sure you hire a large pool of employees. If many of your employees are working second jobs, they'll often have conflicts with dates you want them to work for special events, so you'll need a large number of employees to make sure you can cover your bases.

Run a background check on your potential employees. Most states have certain requirements for your hiring practices. For instance, you may be required to run a background check on anyone you hire to look for criminal activity that may impede their ability to provide security services. Ensure your employees pass the required training and gain a license.

Most states require that security guards have a certain amount of training before they begin their duties. Typically, this training must be completed at a school approved by the state, and then the student must pass an exam to gain a license. For instance, Texas requires that they be commissioned security officers, which involves passing several exams, including a firearm proficiency exam.

Check to see if your employees need a private patrol operator's license. Some states require all security officers who drive for the company to have a special license. California, for instance, requires this permit, even if you hired police officers for your employees. Contact local event planners in your area to market your business. You can find events through social media, your local newspaper, and local events calendars.

Use the internet to track down the event planners, and contact them with information about your business. Market your business on social media. Because so many special events are marketed on social media, it's important to establish your business there. Build a presence on social media by creating business profiles for yourself and posting regularly.

Keep in mind that your posts shouldn't just be about gaining business. Some should offer helpful tips and advice or draw your audience in with fun games or trivia related to security. Consider franchising from an established corporation. Unlike other security companies, home security company has major players across the country.

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Because brand recognition is important in this field, you might do better opening a franchise with an established corporation. As a bonus, they will have the materials and background to help get your business off the ground. Research and purchase the supplies you need for home monitoring. For a home security company, you'll need supplies like motion detectors, cameras, digital locks, alarm panels, and window alarms. You don't need to start from scratch.

Work with a distributor or even a manufacturer to find an appropriate system for your company. Do your research on the company. Narrow down your choices on the internet, then contact the few you've selected. Talk to them over the phone about your business. Once you decide on one or two, consider visiting the company in person to learn more about the company. Consider other supplies you may need to buy, such as firearms, employee uniforms, and computers for monitoring the network. Establish your home monitoring network. Decide on the software you will use for home monitoring.

Often, the distributor or manufacturer who sells you the equipment will be able to sell you the software you need to monitor your network of homes. Keep in mind, your employees will need to be trained in whatever software you choose. If you're not ready to do the monitoring yourself, you can outsource monitoring to another company.

In that case, your main source of income would be installing the equipment in client's homes. Hire technicians to put in the equipment. When you're running a home security business, you won't just have security guards on staff. You'll also need people who are able to install the home security equipment in people's homes. Make sure your employees are licensed with the state.

Just like any other kind of security business, your employees must have security guard licenses in most states, even if they're just watching home monitors and alarm systems. They will need to go through state-approved training, as well as pass exams to gain their licenses. Check to see if your employees need a private patrol operator license to drive vehicles for your company, such as when responding to a alarm call. Advertise to middle class and upper middle class families. To require a home monitoring system, the client must have something they want to protect and the means to pay for it.

That means that poorer neighborhoods are typically not a good target audience, as paying for a security system is generally not a priority.

Starting a Private Security Company – A Complete Guide

Focus on a real problem you can solve. Cyber security companies cover a wide range of issues, and you have to stand out from the crowd. To do that, you need to find a niche, which means figuring out a problem that few others are working on and finding a solution to that problem. Hire domain and technical experts. If you don't have the technical expertise and even if you do , you need domain and technical experts to help you solve problems. Whether you're implementing a solution you came up with or starting from scratch to solve a problem, you will need technical support to back you up.

Designed for use by licensed security or private investigation companies in utilizing independent contractors or other licensed companies for contract work. SOP Manual. A standard operating procedure is your key to limiting liability and acts as a guided hand during emergencies and day to day operations. Business Plan.

see Our Security Company Sample Business Plan accurately defines your security business, identifies your goals, and serves as your firm's resume. Employee Handbook. Private Investigation Contract. Private Investigation Services require a contract document that limits the scope of an investigation, details expenses and protects the private investigator private detective from unnecessary liability. With our Security Start Up Package we build you a professional security guard company from the ground up.

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  • In just 45 days you are able to begin competitively bidding on security contracts and gaining market share in your area. Our Website Package delivers custom built, industry specific, mobile friendly websites complete with a custom logo, branding, stationary design and more. As specialists in building professional security company websites and logos, let us put our years of design experience to work for you to capture your specific and unique company vision. Our SEO Packages utilize our vast network of security specific websites and backlinks that are industry specific along with the work of our expert SEO professionals who have helped hundreds of security companies to increase traffic, build their brands and increase overall sales.

    Security Industry news, how-to and informational content to help you build your security company, build your brand and establish a national market presence in the security industry. Getting your security company licensed: The first task that you must accomplish in order to legally begin security operations in For those of you who are not familiar, search engine optimization SEO is the process of improving and increasing the We recommend that you utilize Security Business In A Box The ultimate do it yourself resource for starting your own successful security guard company.

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