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Fifty Shades Freed. We secede from borders, walls, and maps, from time, tempo, aging, and death itself. We secede from entropy and the myth of a noble past. It was never better than now. Things do not fall apart. We joyride the widening gyre and smile for photos that may be picked up at the concession booth afterwards. We get back in line again and again. We secede from language, from meaning itself, from the myth of individual esteem and self-actualization.

We experience everything directly and unironically. Sincerity will pervade even our lies, and especially our lies. We secede from pants. Seriously, fuck pants. We secede from our names, our families, and all coincidences of our birth. We secede from ourselves.

We secede from desire. We never wanted it in the first place.

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We secede from intention. We secede from logical consistency. Embrace your paradox.

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We secede from sanity, a refuge for cowards, pencilpushers, and golfers. We secede from banality. We will not negotiate. We will not explain. We secede from all secession that does not secede from itself. And we proclaim a new Ithaca, a shining city in a gorge, free and eternal.

You are hereby granted full citizenship, wherever and whoever you are. You are already here. We are already there. This has always already happened.

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Do you see death coming? Will you face death bravely? Would you like to be remembered? Be unafraid. Close your eyes. Story from Music.

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The Ronettes had it all wrong. The best part of breaking up is not the making up. That rarely happens, and when it does, it often leads to more breaking up. No, the real pleasure in having your soul shredded by another human being comes in the days, weeks, months, or maybe even years of wallowing that follow. This journey into the self can be scary, but luckily, generations of musicians have written songs to soundtrack the plunge.

What follows are the saddest and therefore finest breakup songs of all time.