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Understanding tropical cyclone categories

Resources related to the preparation of the Working Group I Report. Noureddine Yassaa Vice-Chair Algeria. Carolina Vera Vice-Chair Argentina. Xiao Zhou Science Assistant China. Elisabeth Lonnoy Project Assistant France. Rong Yu Science Officer China. Baiquan Zhou Science Officer China. Chatterjee, K. Ebi, Y. Estrada, R. Genova, B. Girma, E. Kissel, A. Levy, S. MacCracken, P. Mastrandrea, and L. Izaguirre, C. Global extreme wave height variability based on satellite data. Komen, G.

Cavaleri, M. Donelan, K. Hasselmann, S. Hasselmann, and P. Dynamics and Modelling of Ocean Waves.

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Cambridge University Press, pp. Li, H. Tropical cyclone activity in the high-resolution Community Earth System Model and the impact of ocean coupling. Lin, I. Pun, and C. Mackay, E. Bahaj, and P.

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Uncertainty in wave energy resource assessment: Part 1. Historic data. Masselink, G. Castelle, T. Scott, G. Dodet, S. Suanez, D. Jackson, and F. Massom, R. Scambos, L. Bennetts, P. Reid, V. Squire, and S. Antarctic ice shelf disintegration triggered by sea ice loss and ocean swell.

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Munich RE. Natural catastrophe review: Series of hurricanes makes year of highest insured losses ever. Murakami, H. Mizuta, and E. Vecchi, T.

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Delworth, A. Wittenberg, S. Underwood, R. Gudgel, X. Yang, L. Jia, F. Zeng, K.

Paffendorf, and W. Dominant role of subtropical Pacific warming in extreme eastern Pacific hurricane seasons: and the future. Vecchi, S. Underwood, T. Wittenberg, W. Anderson, J. Chen, R. Gudgel, L. Harris, S. Lin, and F. Patricola, C. Chang, and R. Saravanan, and P. In press. Anthropogenic influences on major tropical cyclone events.

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Shimura, T. Mori, and M. Variability and future decreases in winter wave heights in the Western North Pacific. Mori, and H. Shope, J. Storlazzi, L. Erikson, and C. Changes to extreme wave climates of islands within the Western Tropical Pacific throughout the 21st century under RCP 4. Skamarock, W. Klemp, J. Dudhia, D. Gill, D. Barker, M. Duda, X. Huang, W. Wang, and J. Sobel, A. Camargo, T. Hall, C. Lee, M. Tippett, and A. Human influence on tropical cyclone intensity. Sriver, R. Observational evidence supports the role of tropical cyclones in regulating climate.

Taylor, K. Stouffer, and G.

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An overview of CMIP5 and the experiment design. Stone, M. Wehner, and H.