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Usher's movie career entered an upward trajectory more quickly than did his musical one. Faculty director Robert Rodriguez praised Usher in a People interview, saying, "He was already way above and beyond a lot of people I have worked with who were coming in for the first time. Williams and Forest Whitaker and two more films were set for release in the year , Gepetto and Texas Rangers.

But while Usher developed as an actor, he continued to tour and music remained a huge part of his life. To appease fans, he released Live in The album documented Usher's development as a performer, featuring remixes of his early work and songs with guest artists such as Trey Lorenz, Shanice, Twista, and others. But it was not until that he came out with an album of new work. Writing for Usher created songs with stories. Usher won his first Grammy awards for these songs, and about a dozen other industry awards for his work on the album. The success of made the year-old Usher wonder about how he should develop his career.

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I always felt like I held something back on my albums—on every album, I was playing a 'role. His efforts created a record-breaking, chart-topping, award-winning album. Four songs from Confessions landed at number one on the Billboard , and Usher became the third artist, after the Beatles and the Bee Gees, with three songs in the top 10 at the same time. With sales of more than 25 million albums by , his success has inspired comparisons with the youthful rise of Michael Jackson to the top of the charts and led the media to dub Usher the new King of Pop. But Usher's phenomenal success in music had become only one segment of his vision for the future.

He started his own record label, Us records, with his mother in ; began producing films; bought a stake in the Cleveland Cavaliers; and had begun preparations to start selling his own line of clothing, cosmetics, and fashion accessories. In addition to his business ventures, Usher started a summer music camp for talented youth and Usher's New Look, an organization focused on developing teen leadership. Usher related his vision for his future in an interview with Essence : "I hope to do something as a businessman that opens up more opportunities for people to believe in themselves, if I can do it, you may believe you can do it as well.

Let me become the motivation for moving forward. Oprah Winfrey is a great motivator for Black people. How can I do the same thing? UsherWorld , www. Addresses: Web —www. Sources Books Contemporary Musicians , volume 23, Gale, Larkin, Colin, ed. Periodicals Daily News Record , January 4, , p. Ebony , January , p. Entertainment Weekly , April 3, , p. Essence , June , p. He also joined other singers to create Black Men United, a group that sang on the soundtrack for the film Jason's Lyric. He also began writing some of his own songs, working with Dupri; of the nine tracks on his second album, My Way, , six were cowritten with Dupri.

The album was more diverse than Usher, a deliberate attempt to appeal to a variety of listeners with a mix of soulful ballads and lively dance songs. One group did not find the album particularly appealing: the critics.

Inspired to Sing at Young Age, Groomed for Stardom, Forged Film Career

A Rolling Stone critic noted that although "You Make Me Wanna" was catchy, "Usher's voice lacks the force and nuance to make up for the thin, synthetic quality of the backing tracks. And you know there's a problem with the songwriting when you see the word 'hook' plastered over the choruses in the lyric booklet. While on tour to promote the album, Usher performed before an enthusiastic audience at the prestigious Apollo Theater in Harlem.

He told a reporter for MTV News, "When you come to the Apollo, you gotta sing, you gotta dance, you gotta give it up to the audience.

They want to see that, and to get the response I got, when the song came on I came sliding out, all the audience bumrushed the stage. It's like I think I'm a superstar.


Usher (1978- )

Blige and Janet Jackson. He was also named Billboard 's Artist of the Year in Usher, always grateful to his mother for all her support, gave her a Mercedes automobile and a Cartier watch. Usher also began acting, appearing on the teen television shows Moesha and Promised Land.

Of his appearance on Moesha, he told a Jet reporter, "I'm a natural [actor]. I have a talent to take words off paper and relate to it. Knowing that horror movies were popular among teens of all races, he chose to make his debut in The Faculty, in which he played a high-school football player possessed by aliens.

Director Robert Rodriguez told a People reporter that for an amateur, Usher did an excellent job. Usher was prominent in the ads, and he also argued with Hilfiger over the use of his image and his payment for it.

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He also appeared on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Williams and Forest Whitaker. He also signed for two more films, Disney's telepic Geppetto and Texas Rangers. He told a People interviewer, "I've found a new love. My acting is making me want to leave my singing. However, critics did not love his acting as much as Usher did. In the Seattle Times, journalist Christy Lemire commented, " Texas Rangers should have been put out to straight-to-video pasture," and noted that the film's shallow characterization was at fault.

Stick to the singing. He lacks the smooth, controlled presence of an action star.

I got to know my horse real well. He became my best friend. In , Usher's album Confessions started out at No.

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  • The singles "Yeah," "Burn," and "Confessions, Part 2" were especially popular, riding at the number-one spot in succession, making Usher the artist with the most weeks at No. Confessions became the year's best-selling album. Usher rereleased it with four new tracks, including a duet with Alicia Keys that became a hit. He said of his own album, "When you go back and read through the lyrics it means something, it says something.

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    Thinking outside the box, and yet still making yourself available to a hip-hip nation. I listen to what the streets are saying.

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    Usher further commercialized himself by launching the first-ever celebrity debit card, backed by Bankfirst. It gave users discounts on Usher merchandise, and was targeted to his young fans, many of whom either did not qualify for a credit card or did not have a checking account. He initially told Chappell in Ebony simply that they grew apart: "She wanted things and was moving in a direction, and I wanted things and was moving in a different direction, and we were unable to both compromise and meet each other halfway. As a result, he said, there was little chance that they would ever get back together; they had not spoken since the breakup.

    In August of , Usher began a city tour, traveling in a foot bus outfitted with a television, DVD player, CD player, and a laptop computer, as well as five beds and a shower. Of his musical and financial success, he told a People reporter on the second day of the tour, "I don't believe in good luck, I believe in blessings. Contributor Poetic Justice soundtrack , Sony, Billboard, April 17, , p.