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Too soon, danger arrives and Mia lands in the hands of a sadistic cartel king with a taste for torture.

Titan Series

LOVED this book. Go get this now… right NOW! Available on Audible. Get yours here. Multiple times I caught him reading the book instead of narrating it. The part that bugged me the most was the part where he reached the bottom of the page and hesitated to finish the sentence until he turned the page. Like I said, they weren't great but they were not bad either. Middle of the road. These first 5 books were great to really get started on the full series, although you can't forget about the prequel between Winter's Heat and Garrison's Creed Sweet Girl , which is not part of this box set.

Jeffrey Kafer is a wonderful and fitting choice as the narrator for this series. I enjoyed this series. The characters have common faults that we can relate to. Good dramatic performance. I loved this book series. I'm a first time reader of Cristin Harber, but I will be reading many more totally enjoyed this grouping, and headed out to get the next. If you are looking for a good military romantic suspense book or audiobook I would have told you to give this author a try. And now for 1 credit you get 5 books that sells for a credit each. This romantic sexy adult action series has blistering hot tough guys and blazing hot chicks who can take care themselves..

I didn't want to stop listening.

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Don't miss. I will be buying the rest in the series. De : Cristin Harber. Lu par : Jeffrey Kafer. Winters Heat After putting her life on the line to protect classified intelligence, military psychologist Mia Kensington is on a cross-country road trip from hell with an intrusive save-the-day hero. Westin's Chase Jared Westin knows his reputation and likes it.

USA Today best-selling bundle. Ce que les membres d'Audible en pensent Notations Global. Commentaires Audible. Commentaires Amazon. Il n'y a pas encore de critique disponible pour ce titre. Trier par :. Good series for multitasking I like military romances and I especially like them when they are bundled so I get 5 books for one price. Angela G. Good Military-Style Romance Series These first 5 books were great to really get started on the full series, although you can't forget about the prequel between Winter's Heat and Garrison's Creed Sweet Girl , which is not part of this box set.

Strong Men Fearless Women I'm a first time reader of Cristin Harber, but I will be reading many more totally enjoyed this grouping, and headed out to get the next. A bargain hunters dream. Enter Mia. She is a psychiatrist who is in serious need of some therapy herself. She is trying to help a former client.

He's not former because he was cured. He's former because he is dead. Mia gets the package that Colby was after. Now she has the package, Colby and the bad guys on her tail. As Mia and Colby are on the road trip from hell as they fight off waves of bad guys. They are attracted to each other, I mean DUH, right.

He is a walking candy gram of sexiness. But being with Colby means some dangerously strange things can happen. She tasted of sweat and tear gas, of soft woman, and carnal ambition. Sweat and tear gas? I guess you can't tell what will turn on a military man. But can they trust each other with their lives and their hearts.

Colby's life is constantly surrounded by danger. Can he allow Mia to be pulled into that circle of danger? Could Mia be more danger to him that the guys with guns? You, my friend, have a death wish. Columbian cartels are child's play compared to a woman on the warpath. This was a great sexy, fast paced, thriller of a candy coated read. There are some surprises in there too. I was not expecting some of the secrets and plot twists. I can't wait for Titan 2. Oh wait. That sounds bad doesn't it? I stand by it. You will want these guys by the handful. Sep 11, Tina "IRead2Escape" rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , hotness-rating-3 , reviewed , contemporary-romance , meet-n-greet-read , part-of-a-series , reviewed-netgalley , romantic-suspense.

Winters Heat was a fast-paced, entertaining read with alpha-men coming out of the woodwork. I enjoyed Mia Kensington immensely. She was a strong female lead that wasn't afraid to show her feminine side.

The Titan Series Livre audio | Cristin Harber |

Sent to an airport to collect a package by one of her clients has put her in the middle of all kinds of bad stuff. Did I mention that client is now dead? She, of course, was accosted by 3. She, of course, was accosted by bad guys when retrieving the package. In swoops Colby Winters to the rescue. Maybe a rescue. Mia has no idea who to trust. Colby Winters is a member of the elite Titan team. His current mission?

Get to the airport and retrieve a package before it ends up in the wrong hands. The mission turns into a cluster right before his very eyes. Mia has the package and is being attacked. Not knowing who she is and what her part is in the whole deal he rescues her and takes with him. Technically, this is against her will, but they can't just let her go without getting all of the information she has. Colby has a need to keep her safe that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the mission and doesn't that just throw him for a loop?

I loved this couple. Colby was so much more open and honest than most heroes in elite ops books. He had a big heart to go along with his all-man alpha exterior. I mean who doesn't love a man who takes in an orphaned baby girl and is raising her as his very own? Once Mia decided to trust Colby she was all-in. She stepped up when it mattered most. The attraction between this couple was very believable and real. I will definitely be reading more from this author. Bottom Line: If you love hot, alpha men this book is for you.

Black Dawn

Not quite on the same level of Julie Ann Walker, but darned close. If the rest of this series stays along this path we'll be in for quite a treat. You can find this review and others at www. Oct 08, Beanbag Love rated it really liked it. This story starts out great. Colby Winters is sent to extract a package from an airport in what is supposed to be a simple operation. When he gets there he finds not only a group of Russian bad guys moving toward the same package, but a lone woman, Mia Kensington, already there securing it for herself.

Thus ensues a series of intense action sequences and a lot of one-on-one time for the leads. The one-on-one time is where I started to have a problem. It really starts to feel claustrophobic after This story starts out great. That's when things picked up again for me. Colby is a commando and Mia is a therapist, mainly working with the military and their families.

One of her patients gives her the old "if something happens to me …" and that's how she ends up in this mess. They make a great couple. Both smart, both attractive, both complimenting each other in a variety of ways. The problem is that we're treated to about 10 inner monologues for each of them that remind us how they never do this and this relationship is impossible and what are they thinking. It gets old and the book bogs down.

Also, Colby turns into kind of a squish for a while and that just feels odd when he's the kind of guy who can probably perform surgery on himself while strangling a bad guy and eating a steak at the same time. After the Titon Group enters the scene things get even more intense and the whole story starts to regain the lost momentum. It takes a while to get their names and types out, but once they're known to the reader they're really engaging.

Despite the use of a very tired trope near the end and some basic story holes, I ultimately found it pretty enjoyable. The excerpt for the next book in the series was very intriguing, so I'll be continuing with this promising series. I was provided a copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Wow what a fabulous read. Once I stared reading I could not put my Kindle down till I was done. Loved both main characters, Colby is totally a badass delish alpha and Mia was perfect for him.

I hate limp heroines and there seems to be a glut of them so Mia was such a refreshing change. The sub characters looking forward to reading their stories were brilliant as well. Not once was I bored or tempted to skim, in fact in places I was reading with bated breath. I loved the lack of unnecessary ang Wow what a fabulous read. I loved the lack of unnecessary angst too. A totally brilliant read, fast paced but never rushed or skimped.

Cristen Harber you have a new fan. July - Listened to the audio version and loved it. View 2 comments. Rating 3. Nov 11, DearReader rated it liked it Shelves: crime , assassins , drama , love , double-pov , hot-as-hell-male , gotta-love-an-alpha-male , strong-heroine , broken-protagonists , whatt-happened. I gave it three stars in the end because it still was better than two. Man that was hard to read at times. I liked her at first but after a few chapters her sass just turned into a bitchfest.

Bringing the woman, the bad guys want dead, to his home where his baby daughter lives must be about the most stupid decision a former Navy Seal ever made. I mean come on! Just no. I doubt were they real they would have made it above a common street thug. What I liked: - Alpha hero: Colby could be very entertaining - Jared: broody and grumpy boss with a big heart.

See a Problem?

The blurb for the next instalment actually sounds promising and I liked Cash. Shelves: , if-you-love-kristen-ashley. This was a fun book to read, especially in the beginning as we get to know Colby Winters. The book is told from duel points of view, and we get to spend a lot of time in his head.

Colby is an operative for a private security company. He has been sent on what he thinks will be a cakewalk of an assignment to retrieve a small package taped to the underside of a chair at an airport. He realizes that he is being followed by another party trying to beat him to the package, but when they both arrive on This was a fun book to read, especially in the beginning as we get to know Colby Winters. He realizes that he is being followed by another party trying to beat him to the package, but when they both arrive on the scene they find Mia, on her hands and knees prying the package off the chair.

And the fun begins! Kidnappings, murder attempts, and one very confused Colby who can't stop his strong reaction to the firecracker that Mia turns out to be. A sweet twist on the usual for this type of story is that Colby is the adoptive father of a toddler who means the word to him. Oct 12, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , read , reviewed , paperback-owned , read , read , read , ibooks-owned. What can I say besides I love Colby and Mia!!!

From the first sentence Cristin hooked me and before I knew it I was swooning over Colby!!! The dialogue kept me entertained, the tension between the main characters kept me intrigued and the adventures kept me on the edge of my chair!! I couldn't have asked for a better alpha hero or a more perfect leading lady.

I love the rough badass men and sweet strong ladies she shares with us. So far every book of hers I've read, I've loved and has found a place in my heart and on my forever favorites shelf. Shelves: hot-hot-alpha-s , military-black-ops-etc. Alpha Males 2. Sex 3. I def rec it!

It had all the right romance, suspense, action, kidnapping I mean seriosuly, there is ALWAYS one in these books, but it just makes the rescue that much hotter! I will def be reading the rest of the series! Can't wait to get up close and personal with the rest of the team. Jul 29, Eric Plume rated it did not like it. Tossing in the towel after two chapters. I can't even with this shit; nothing fits with anything, I lost the plot after the first few pages, skimmed a bit and still couldn't figure out why I should care.

My eyes glazeth over. Oct 09, Tonya Lucas rated it it was amazing. Fast paced, hot, sexy tactical men, known as Titans, was truly exhilaration, edge of your seat drama. Danger lurked from the beginning as did total confusion over one special assignment. Sometimes being in the wrong place, at the right time The pull between Colby and Mia was spontaneous and combustible, fueled by fear, danger, and heated passion.

I'll be reading more of this wonderful series, because these men have me intrigued. Who could resist Titan's with attitudes that drip testosterone overload. I made my April Genreathon goal of reading an action, adventure story. Although I had issues with parts of the story, overall I really enjoyed it. I also look forward to getting into the rest of this series. This specific video review will be included in the April wrap-up.

Two-haiku review: They're both after disk He saves her from drug cartel Then saves her again Not my kind of book They felt intense emotions I didn't feel it. Aug 29, Michele rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. The suspense part of this book was chock full of action that started from page one and kept me interested right up until the end. As for the romance portion, I thought there was fantastic chemistry between the two main characters, Colby and Mia.

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I loved each of their characters individually and adored them together. Mia was smart, tough and sassy. She fought back with all she had and tried to think of a way out of her sucky situation. She was gutsy and did not hesitate to engage with the enemy to get away. She observed and chose her moments carefully. Go find Colby. And Colby Winters…. What can I possibly say about the deliciousness that is Colby?

He was everything I love and then some in a hero. Seriously sexy in that alpha, commanding sort of way. Dark eyes. Dangerous scar under his eye. A triple threat. But nothing she was scared of…he was a risk. A delicious, enticing risk. Come on. Man up. Get your panties out of a wad. Put on your big boy shorts. Grow a set. I loved the camaraderie and banter between Colby and the other boys who work for Titan Group. Not some lady So man up and handle your shit. Handle her. This cover is smoking hot! Love it! Guys, if you ever want to hire mercenaries to do your bidding, don't go for Titan Group.

Lets say, imagine that I'm a client I'm going to pinpoint things I don't approve. To Colby Winters When a person is under your protection and his or her welfare is your responsibility, I don't see it's any wise to safeguard Mia in your house. That's irresponsible and careless to both person of interest and your family members. Regardless of any intimate going-ons between you and Mia. Actually, there's a lot Guys, if you ever want to hire mercenaries to do your bidding, don't go for Titan Group. Actually, there's a lot moronic things you did I'm just lazy to lay them all out here. Only one word: disappointed.

Yes, I'm disappointed with the way you work, you think.